CoolSys Acquires Axiom Energy Solutions

CoolSys™, the parent of market-leading Refrigeration and HVAC companies nationwide, has acquired Axiom Energy Solutions. CoolSys has nearly 150 years of combined nationwide experience and offers a full spectrum of best-in-class service experiences and solutions to the retail, commercial, and industrial refrigeration and HVAC industries.

The acquisition combines CoolSys’ Energy Solutions and Axiom, two of the industry’s leading energy optimization companies, into one unified energy solutions business that broadens the services portfolio and the value brought to customers across the multiple market segments.

“The entire Axiom team is thrilled to become part of the CoolSys family,” said Anthony Tippins, founder of Axiom. “With the combination of resources, solutions, experience, and customer relationships, we can offer an even broader set of solutions and expanded market presence.”

And we’re just getting started.

“Our acquisition of Axiom is just the beginning of the investments that we plan to make in bringing expanded capabilities to our CoolSys Energy Solutions customers”, noted CoolSys President and CEO, Adam Coffey.

Over the past two decades the Axiom team has implemented more than $750 million in energy projects, installed and managed more than 20,000 facilities, designed more than 2,000 lighting systems, and installed more than 1.7 million fixtures in facilities for its clients. Our energy efficient solutions have saved customers over $2.1 billion dollars in accumulated energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 15.7 million tons of carbon dioxide. 

CoolSys has more than 1,400 highly trained field-based service and installation experts serving the daily needs of more than 3,500 customers across North America. The Axiom Energy brand is currently being integrated into CoolSys Energy Solutions. The Axiom management team is staying on board to help facilitate the process and will begin working with the CoolSys Energy Solutions team immediately. Look forward to new and improved products and services coming soon!

Questions & Answers

If I am a current Axiom Energy Solutions or CoolSys Energy customer, what will change?

Absolutely nothing. During the transition, you can expect the same quality products and services delivered without any interruption.

Where can I learn more about CoolSys Energy Solutions?

Just visit for more information.

When will the transition be complete?

The transition is complete and Axiom is fully integrated into the CoolSys Energy Solutions business!