Coolsys acquires Axiom Energy Solutions

If Commercial and Industrial Buildings In the U.S. Improved Energy Efficiency By Just 10%, the Collective Savings Would be $40 billion.

But with CoolSys Energy Solutions, you’ll see immediate cost savings.

CoolSys Energy Solutions specializes in the full-spectrum of energy optimization services for high-usage commercial clients, such as supermarkets, data supercenters, light industrial facilities, school districts, and retail stores. Our energy technicians and engineers are experts in energy management systems (EMS). We help reduce energy consumption and drastically cut energy costs, so you can return those dollars to your company’s bottom line.


With over 250 years of combined experience, the CoolSys Energy Solutions team is passionate about providing solutions to ensure your facilities operate at peak energy efficiency.

High Volume, Multi-Site Roll Out Capabilities

For large retail chains or other multi-site businesses, CoolSys Energy will work with you to analyze your entire energy portfolio, determine your energy use index (EUI) per location, and define an optimal kWh cost / square foot for consumption. This allows us to take a strategic approach to energy optimization so that we can prioritize solutions targeted for your highest usage locations and provide  maximum impact.

CoolSys Energy Solutions Delivers Results


Energy Projects Completed


Energy Management Systems Installed & Managed


Lighting Systems Designed


Fixtures Installed

Did you know?

CoolSys Energy Solutions offers highly advanced energy optimization solutions
that can reduce energy costs between 15% and 26% with a ROI of 2-3 years.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions are Equivalent to:

14.5MM tons of Carbon Dioxide

2.77MM cars driven in
one year

3.5 Coal-fired power plants produce in one year

337.8MM tree seedlings grown = 10 years sequestering Carbon

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