Reduce Energy Use and Boost Profitability

CoolSys Energy Optimization specializes in the full-spectrum of energy optimization services for supermarkets and other high-usage commercial clients such as data centers, light industrial facilities, school districts and retail stores. Our energy technicians and engineers are experts in energy management systems (EMS), helping reduce energy consumption and drastically cutting energy costs, so you can return those dollars to your company’s bottom line.

Case Study

CoolSys Energy Optimization Helps Companies Save

The following statistics represent energy cost savings at four different 45-55k sq ft grocery stores. Based on changes CoolSys Energy Optimization helped execute, these savings represent a wide range of energy conservation that is a result of our Energy Optimization Program which includes evaluation, recommendations and implementation.

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Did you know?

Energy optimization can have a big impact on your bottom line. Typical reduction of energy costs is between 15 and 26 percent with an ROI of 2-3 years.

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