CoolSys Energy Solutions provides turnkey Building Automation controls system installations. The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a fixture in many industries, and the technologies for transformative business applications are at hand.

CoolSys offers complete facility controls with access from a computer or through an app. Our distributed controls solutions offer web servers, dashboard reporting, alarm event e-mails, remote access to and monitoring of your facility, and wi-fi technology for ease of installation. They are fully customizable to operate your facility. CoolSys Energy Solutions has the technological capability to review your complex needs and design a full controls solution while leveraging energy reducing operating strategies. We offer control and access from your smartphone or smart device for visibility of your refrigeration systems, HVAC, lighting, pumps, chillers, heating units, ice machine cycle rates, and many more equipment types you would seek to have remote control of within your facility.

Utilizing the technology available from the app will also reduce time spent on maintenance calls. Technicians have access to system functionality from an app on their smart phone to save time going back and forth from the roof to the areas being served on service calls.

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