We can provide a visual touchscreen wall mounted computer that is integrated into your energy management system with a color coded floor plan custom designed for each unique layout of your store.

Your employees can visually see which case is in alarm, saving you the time and labor costs it takes to determine which case is warm. This can also save you an overtime service call if you choose to move the product. The “VCC” also has custom views and temperature adjustments available for your HVAC status, a lighting page with status and the ability to push a touch toggle switch for timed override events such as inventory of sign/light re-lamping.

An additional benefit is the e-mail capability to directly send to a designated point(s) of contact in the event of an alarm. You will have visibility for alarms resulting in a service call or a service call you can avoid. You and your store employees will have a visual exact layout of your store and access to data at your fingertips.

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