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Finally, actionable business data at your fingertips!

You’ve put money, time and effort into fine-tuning your business’s energy consumption. But how do you know your systems are running to plan? How can you stay on top of data monitoring, alarms, compliance and other mission-critical information — any time of the day or night, across multiple locations?

The solution is ICE — Integrated Client Experience — the latest innovation from the energy and refrigeration experts at CoolSys Energy Solutions. The fully customizable ICE portal aggregates data from multiple sources into a single, convenient dashboard that provides insights from the enterprise level down to individual connected locations. At a glance and in real time, you can monitor all of the data you need to troubleshoot problems, save money, improve operating efficiency and maintain compliance.


Learn why ICE is already a trusted resource for top food retailers!

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ICE’s Secret Weapon: Powerful, Customizable Modules

Access all the data you need from a single dashboard. You choose the information you want to display from ICE’s range of modules, including:


Access enterprise-wide automated alarm processing with root-cause analysis. Dispatch triage ensures you’ll always know the urgency level of the alarm.


Take control of energy management enterprise-wide with predictive monitoring, demand control, energy usage estimation, cost verification, detailed analysis and alerts.


Analyze billing data, process statements and pay bills using information from a variety of sources.


See summary data from multiple sources, reported at the enterprise level or for individual locations.


Get real-time analytics of all locations, with site leak rates organized by leak percentage to aid in prioritizing repairs.


Integrates with existing building control system to let you know if your specified controls setpoints have been changed and what they are changed to.

CoolSys Energy Solutions: A Commitment to Energy Efficiency

With roots in the Edison International companies, CoolSys Energy Solutions is committed to using our expertise in efficient energy utilization and optimization to deliver best-in-class solutions to supermarkets and other clients with high energy usage.

As part of the CoolSys family of brands, CoolSys Energy Solutions offers value beyond our energy efficiency services. Our team keeps clients operating at peak energy efficiency with:

Design and Engineering: Offering full MEPR (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration) services and utilizing the latest in CAD technology, our engineers consult with you to tailor the design of your cold storage facility to meet your needs taking into account budget, project objectives, building requirements, energy efficiency, safety, storage capacity, and product flow. Every project is unique and throughout pre-construction and the planning process, we’ll consult with you on the best materials for the job utilizing innovative state-of-the-art solutions.

Construction and Installation: Our installers are specially trained and skilled in HVAC and refrigeration field and work to maintain the highest standards throughout the construction and installation process including programming and testing of all systems.

Service and Maintenance: From preventative maintenance and minor fixes to emergency repair, CoolSys provides a best-in-class service experience with 24/7/365 customer support.

Project Management: With unsurpassed attention to detail, safety, and reliability, our project management team ensures timely completion of your new cold storage construction or remodel within budget parameters.

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